Electrical Installation Services

Our Approved Electricians offer a special electrical installation service with approved certificates. Once your Smart Home has been designed then they will be able to do the first fix, ie Install all power and data cables.
All work is done to the current updated 17th regulations, all work will be tested, documents and certification will be issued on completion.

Electrical Installation Services, Smart Home Automation Company

Latest Cat Cables Used On All Projects

We use the latest Cat Cables on every Smart Home Project, complete with Drawings to detail every cable.
We test all cables and customers will receive all test documentation and drawings to make the project complete.

Smart Home Automation Company

Future Proof Your Home

We live in our homes for years, sometimes even for generations, so it’s really important that you wire your home with the future in mind. The functionality of your home should have the ability to evolve around you and your family over the years. The best way to achieve this is to install the latest Cat 7a cables which is the latest technology with frequency’s up to 1000mhz. You only want to wire once so wire correctly from the start.

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