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Enjoy the best smart home automation service and installation with us

When you are building as new house, you must be worried about the security aspect of it. Everyone is! But, the problem is that you cannot keep your eyes on everything at the same time and considering this, you must be worried about how to control the entire security system in the house or even the operation in the house, well, with the help of smart home automation, you can get relief since, thus, you can have an eye on each and every activity in your house.
This is much like a centralized protection of the house and the system let you check everything with ease and from a single device. This is certainly the best thing that you can have in your house and this way, you can see everything. Such an automation service includes so many things in your house to be checked that you feel amazed. From electricity, to water supply and even the door locks, everything can be checked from the device. This is really easy and simple and but, the thing is that you need to perform the installation of the smart home automation system with the help of the professional guys.
No need to worry as long as you have our service with you. We are one of the best home automation service providers in the city and we have been offering the service for few years now so, you can expect the excellence from us. We have a skilled team of professionals who are qualified to do any type of installation in the house and they are certified too. You can hire them for any installation job and they will happy to serve your needs. So, feel free to give us a call anytime and we will be right there at your place whenever you want.

ELAN Intercom

The new ELAN Intercom provides doorbell, paging and true full duplex point-to-point intercom functions that integrate seamlessly with ELAN interfaces and controlled multi-room media systems. Unlike hardware-based intercom systems, the ELAN Intercom supports unlimited zones. ELAN Intercom can share speakers with your multi-room audio system or 3rd party door stations, and it works with any ELAN dedicated in-wall touch panels or mobile device running the ELAN Mobile app. ELAN lets you link multiple ELAN systems, even if they are not on the same network, and lets you make point-to-point intercom calls to any interface across any linked system. For intercom zones that share the same network, just press the Page button, and begin speaking to all intercom zones on the network. When another user answers the Page, it becomes a point-to-point call. Connecting with your family across the home–or around the world–is easy.
When you are mobile, the ELAN mobile app keeps you connected, enabling you to answer a call from any intercom zone, or answer the front door from anywhere in the world. The ELAN mobile app sends push notifications to make sure you get the message. And when you want to unplug, just enable the a Do-Not-Disturb function. In emergencies, a DND Admin Override code can be used to temporarily suspend DND mode. ELAN’s 7” touch panel interface (gTP7) features an integrated camera, mic and speakers that can be used for intercom communications. This unit can be connected via WiFi, so it can be added almost anywhere in the home. In rooms that serve as a nursery or family room, an ELAN touch panel with the intercom feature doubles as a room monitor, allowing users to check in on loved ones without disturbing them.
For installations with the g1 system controller, the on-screen display (OSD) interface doubles as a one-way audio video receiver for Pages and Doorbell chimes. When someone is at the door, ELAN can wake up the TV and play chimes on the TV speakers and show who is at the door on your TV. Don’t worry–like everything in ELAN, it’s easy to turn this feature off.
Because ELAN Intercom is built on the ELAN Control Platform, your integrator can customize triggers from devices like doorbell interfaces, door locks, ELAN “Sense” modules and more to create custom “event maps” that can send whole-house pages, mobile alerts and more, all completely personalized to your needs.
The ELAN intercom feature is compatible with both audio and video 3rd party door stations. IP cameras can be assigned to audio-only intercom zones or door stations to add video monitoring. ELAN g! users can monitor audio or video from door stations from any g! interface or mobile device at any time.